Social Distancing: Day 1

Shakespeare wrote King Lear whilst quarantined.  So here goes.  Day One and I reneged on attending my best friend's birthday lunch. Much to the derision of the host.  Drove to Host's house to deliver a present to the doorstep. Forgot the present, drove back, picked up the present and drove back again.  How am I doing?

Read the Saturday Times (It's Sunday) cover to cover.  This is a departure from the normal as I usually read the Saturday Guardian.  It took me a while to find the fiendish sudoko which I completed.  Clever me, rarely achieved with the Guardian but I guess Guardian readers are cleverer.  As a result of reading the reviews decided to give myself a Juliette Binochet season.  Hope they are somewhere to be found on my many TV apps.

Friend rang up and said we oldies are all going to get it (I'll say it just once - it = Coronavirus)  first but the masks will be snatched off our faces to be given to someone more worthy i.e. younger.  And we will be turfed out of the hospital bed if we ever get there in the first place.  Well they have a point I suppose.

Found two ants crawling on my body.  This is not the first time.  I have a bit of an ant problem which is freaking me out.

Played in the Barnsbury wood with daughter and family using the 2 meter stick to maintain distance.   Useful for prodding them too.

Rest of the day (it's 1 pm) 1. Extract my bike from the shed 2. fix knob on bedroom curtain 3. summarize Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza (Gloria Anzaldúa) for my cancelled book group meeting. 4. Pay Hackney £65 for turning right - fuckers.

Possible things:  1. Read King Lear for any hints 2. go for a walk listening to Grenville podcast 3. Find Ant nest and exterminate 4.  Break Social Distancing contract and visit anyone who will have me.

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