Where and why?  I am so appalled by my heavy, clodhopping footprint over the world last year that it seems only right that I restrict my travelling. For a Nano-second I contemplate North Africa (nice weather aside my last trip to Morocco wasn’t exactly hassle- free) so where’s near North Africa?  Spain of course! Glancing at a map it seems that Cádiz is pretty much as close as you can get to N. Africa, but Spanish is spoken and I’ve lived in Spain before so that’s all settled. Log on to Airbnb and a tower jumps out at me.  No discussion – I click on the button and I’m booked in to el torre histórico for a month 11th Feb-11th March.


It’s only June so I completely forget about the whole impulsive move and return to the present.

Although, officially I’m a solo traveller  I’m quite pleased that the first two weeks I will have the company of various women friends who happen to have half term or happen to want to get the hell out of the UK for one reason or another. What a joy to get away from the interminable Brexit shenanigans debated ad infinitum on the radio, the grey February weather, the colds and the flu and the smog and the fog and the rain and the general dreariness of waiting for Spring.  Say I!

Fast Forward: One week in and I was receiving a flow of irritating, smug messages telling me of the UNIQUE, FRIEKIEST, HOTTEST February going on in the UK.  Spring had sprung.  Well, I told them it was springier in Cádiz.

Key Facts about Cadiz:

The Constitution of Cádiz was established in 1812.  It was the first Constitution of Spain

People from Cádiz are called Gaditanos


  • 1104 BC Gadir founded by Phoenicians
  • 530 BC Gades occupied by Carthaginians
  • 711 Moors in power; city called Jezirat-Kadis
  • 1241 Roman Catholic Diocese of Cádiz established.

Caádiz is practically an island – just a narrow spit of land joins it to the mainland. It is on the Atlantic Coast.  It forms part of Andalucía.

Gaditonos are meant to be the wittiest people in Spain (not sure how that was measured)

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